Complete Data
Protection and
Disaster Recovery

Advantages To Bare-Metal Complete Image Backups And Recovery

With typical backup solutions, most of your files are backed up, but in the event of a hard drive failure, those files then need to be moved back on to that computer. This can take hours or days depending on the number of files needing to be restored.


All software Is Immediately Put Back On And Configured Exactly As It Was before

Imagine how long it would take to reinstall your computers operating system, and then reload all of the software onto that computer.

This could take anywhere from several hours to several days or weeks. With our image backup solution there is no need to reload software or configure it. The image restore process does all this for you.



Zero Data Loss

With complete image backups it is now possible to have zero data loss in the event of a hard drive failure.

Your business will be able to continue operations as normal, and not need to waste time recreating past documents or files. Computers Are Restored To Exact Previous Specifications.

Computers Are Restored To Exact Previous Specifications In Minutes Not Hours


Complete Recovery In The Case Of A Disaster Such As Fire Or Other Natural Disaster

Not only will all of your data and computer images be backed up safely on site. Our solution also offers methods for off site storage as well.

You can sleep easier knowing all of your crucial business data is safe in the event of a business crippling disaster.


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